Why should you have a consultant?

Whether you’re a one-man-band or the fleet & safety manager, managing compliance can be a big drain on your time. For most companies contracted DOT consulting is the right choice.

DOT regulations can be complex and change often. Rather than trying to keep up, let us keep you compliant so that you can focus on your business.

Don’t spend hours hours researching law, or just hope your friend knows. Instead, simply send an email and get an answer.

Why use us for DOT consulting?

Limo & Bus Compliance works only with passenger carriers and our staff have real world experience in the limo and bus industries.
Learn more about our staff here: About Us

Limo & Bus Compliance provides DOT consulting for more passenger carriers than any other company in the industry. To date we have prepared companies ranging from 3 vehicles to over 600 vehicles for their federal DOT audit. 100% received a satisfactory rating.  With more than 150 successful audits under our belt, we have the experience to help you rest easy.

Limo & Bus Compliance provides more than just a quick answer.  You send your question and then we provide a written response based upon legal precedent, best practices, and DOT regulations. Instead of just opinion, we provide direct links to our sources.  No more arguing with drivers about every policy change or wondering if your consultant is right.  

Our Service

Limo & Bus Compliance is proud to offer our Safety Consulting Program to the limo and bus industry.  Our experience shows that most companies need less than two hours of consulting per month.  For a small monthly fee, you gain the peace of mind of having a compliance expert available for your business.

You also gain access to Limo & Bus Compliance’s forms, policies, best practices and training materials, all designed to Make Compliance Simple!