Any driver that leaves the state or goes to the airport in a vehicle designed for 9 of more passengers is an interstate CMV operator.  CMV Operators are subject to hours of service regulations as described HERE.  This includes both CDL and non-CDL drivers.

What are Hours of Service

Hours of Service (HOS), or logs, are a simple concept with a set of complex regulations. You must ensure only safe, well-rested drivers are on the road.

For passenger carriers the rules are different than property carriers.

Drivers may not drive if they’ve exceeded:
–10 hours driving
–15 hours on-duty
–70 hours on-duty in the last 8 days

Unlike trucking, off-duty time stops the clock, meaning a driver does not have to be relieve from duty 15 hours after starting if they had off-duty time throughout the day.

Drivers are also not required to take a 30-minute break and the 34-hour restart does not apply.

Who needs to comply with HOS regulations?

The FMCSA states that HOS regulations apply to any driver who:

• Is engaged in interstate commerce (picking up at the airport, or performing affiliate work from an out of state company)
• Using a vehicle designed or used to carry 9 passengers
(including the driver)
• For compensation (directly or indirectly)

In addition, many states have hours of service regulations for intrastate drivers.

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure compliance with all hours of service regulations.  This includes logging jobs for other employers, verifying log accuracy and preventing hours violations.

Limo & Bus Compliance recommends electronic logs. E-logs lower the amount of time spent reviewing records while improving log accuracy.

LimoLogs is the only e-log solution designed specifically for passenger carriers. Learn more here.

Please note:  Those that use the 100 Air-Mile Rule should view our frequently asked questions page to verify your policy is in compliance.

Services Include:

  • Oversee LimoLogs or third-party systems
  • Review hours of service records for form and manner violations
  • Review hours of service records for HOS violations
  • Assist with implementation of electronic logs
  • Provide a weekly report of violations to company management