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How to add a new company

Use these instructions to add a new company in the LBC Backend Portal.

  1. Log in at

  2. Go to Setup/Company Info

  3. Click the + icon on the top right

  4. Using complete the following boxes:
    Carrier Name
    Carrier Address

  5. Contact info can be found in the contract
    Unless specified, fleet contact and primary contact will be the same.

  6. All LBC clients are currently Cycle 70/8. Select Carrier type (if unsure, ask)
    Driver Default for Passenger Carriers is “Log”, for property carriers “ELD Required”
    For passenger carriers commodity is passenger, property carriers leave blank.
    Mileage deviation is default of 250.

  7. Custom tracking fields will be provided by the client if necessary

  8. Adjust the admin section of the form based upon the contract

  9. Setup initial email alerts based on services selected

    Any HR Service – Weekly Driver Report
    LimoLogs User – All alerts except 5-Hour Warning and Non-safety DVIR

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