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Drug and Alcohol Testing, often referred to as Substance Abuse Testing is a key part of a proper safety program.

Limo & Bus Compliance provides DOT regulated testing as well as Non-DOT testing, to provide for all of your substance abuse testing needs.

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When it comes to DOT Regulated Testing fines are common. The most frequent fines we see are related to invalid testing, improper paperwork, and insufficient test quantity. For DOT regulated employers, you are responsible for any mistakes made by your vendors. Don’t just hope, they know what they’re doing.

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Limo and Bus Compliance takes the guesswork out of your substance abuse program. We begin by providing an up-to-date and DOT compliant drug and alcohol policy. Then we use nationally recognized and accredited laboratories and collection sites to ensure test proper procedures are followed. Our electronic chain of custody forms eliminate lost paperwork, to ensure you are always audit ready.

In addition, our buying power ensures you pay competitive rates, while receiving the peace of mind that comes from Limo & Bus Compliance.

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