DOT Consulting
Limo & Bus Compliance is proud to offer our Safety Consulting Program to the limo and bus industry.  Our experience shows that many companies need less than two hours of compliance assistance per month.  With that in mind, for a small monthly fee, you gain the peace of mind that comes from having a compliance specialist available for your business.

In addition, you gain access to Limo & Bus Compliance’s forms, policies, best practices and training materials, all designed to Make Compliance Simple!

Driver Qualification Files
You only get one chance at a first impression. Driver Qualification files (DQ) are your first chance to show an inspector that you’re serious about safety. Limo and Bus Compliance removes the guesswork and provides you with complete packets and ongoing tracking, to ensure you’re always audit ready.

Limo and Bus Compliance will not only setup your driver qualification files but will conduct annual reviews and updates as required by law. Be ahead of the curve and rest easy knowing your files are always compliant.

E-Logs and ELD Management
Most electronic logging software is not equipped to handle frequent driver and vehicles changes or mixed fleets. LimoLogs was designed from scratch as the solution for mixed fleet operators. Unlike many of our competitors, LimoLogs uses our own smart technology to distinguish between DOT commercial motor vehicles and other vehicle classes. With industry leading fleet management, reporting and KPI tracking, LimoLogs raises the bar for electronic logging.

Stuck in a longterm contract or happy with your existing service? No problem. Our staff have experience implementing and managing all of the most common electronic logging and fleet management programs. Let our experts oversee your safety program, so you can focus on your core business.

Substance Abuse Testing
Limo and Bus Compliance takes the guesswork out of your substance abuse program. We begin by providing an up-to-date and DOT compliant drug and alcohol policy. Then we use nationally recognized and accredited laboratories and collection sites to ensure test proper procedures are followed. Our electronic chain of custody forms eliminate lost paperwork, to ensure you are always audit ready.

In addition, our buying power ensures you pay competitive rates, while receiving the peace of mind that comes from Limo & Bus Compliance.

Safety Rating Upgrades
Losing your safety rating can have a long lasting impact on your business.  From lost clients to increased insurance rates, it’s never a good thing.  We understand that even if you correct the problems, getting your safety rating restored isn’t easy.

Let our team work to get your rating restored with a professional presentation written in the language the DOT speaks.  We will work with your staff to correct any remaining deficiencies and to convert your policies and procedures into DOT-ready explanations of your safety improvement.

Whether you just completed the audit or received your last review years ago, we’ll put together a package that proves your commitment to being a safe and legal operation.

Audit Preparation and Representation
Most companies wouldn’t dream of representing themselves in court, so why should a federal audit be any different. Our expert representatives are involved in more passenger carrier audits every month than most auditors conduct in 2-3 years. This level of focused expertise shows in our 100% success rate.

With our industry leading preparation and unbeatable track record, facing a DOT audit doesn’t have to be a scary proposition. Let our staff put you at ease and streamline the audit process.