Applicant Tracking

Never lose track of potential new hires again. Our system allows you to track your current applicants, what their status is and what they need to move forward.

Integrate with Twilio for automatic text notifications to keep your potential employees informed every step of the way.

Employee File Tracking

Employee files, especially driver qualification require regular updates to stay compliant. Keep your files neat and in order using our Employee File tracking.

Track and maintain common driver qualification items, disciplinary action, reviews and your own custom forms.

Hours of Service

Hours worked is important for a variety of reasons. From benefit administration to DOT compliance to preventing fatigue. Quickly see how much an employee has worked, when their last day off was and more.

Our Hours of Service system is also fully compliant with FMCSA regulations – including a proprietary short-haul mode for local operators.

Maintenance Alerts

Preventative maintenance is crucial, but knowing when to do what can be challenging.

Our system automatically creates work-orders based upon manufacturer recommended maintenance programs with simple checklists outlining what should be completed.

If you prefer to follow your own maintenance program, setting up custom maintenance programs is easy and intuitive. Intervals can be set by mileage, days, or engine hours.

Cost Tracking

For many companies, the fleet department is a top 5 expensive item. In Limologs, reported issues, maintenance items, and body damage automatically create work orders. As work orders are completed, our easy to use reports provide you real-time data on cost per mile, detailed fleet financials, and vendor spending.

Downtime and Utilization

We provide built in reporting on average vehicle downtime, repair time, compliance with your preventative maintenance schedule and even vehicle utilization. With simple, easy to use reports, you can quickly track trends in your fleet department and assess the need for more staff or vehicles.

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