Vehicle tracking is the standard for many fleets. Quickly locate your vehicles, establish geofences, and receive alerts. We offer both hard-wired and plug-n-play units for every type of vehicle. Like all our products, our GPS program is month-to-month and backed with industry leading customer-service.


Camera Systems

Our camera system provides real-time web-access feeds, automatic incident recording and functions as an all-in-one ELD. Our systems can be equipped with one to eight cameras, arranged to fit your particular operation. Installation is simple, and just like our GPS, service is month-to-month.

Driver Behavior Tracking

Both our GPS and camera systems offer driver behavior reporting that is customized for your industry. Standards vary between chauffeured car, over-the-road buses, fleet trucks, and even from company-to-company. We work with your staff to provide feedback based upon your unique needs.