You only get one chance at a first impression. Driver Qualification files (DQ) are your first chance to show an inspector that you’re serious about safety. LBC Fleet removes the guesswork and provides you with complete packets and ongoing tracking. Rather than scramble, just ensure you’re always audit ready.

A brief overview of the requirements for DQ files can be found HERE on the FMCSA website. With all the changing regulations, don’t leave your driver qualification files to chance.

Hiring new drivers can be a lot of work. With our system, you select the drivers and we can do the rest. We handle the verification, filing, pre-employment screenings and training protocols, so that you can focus on running your operation.

LBC Fleet will not only setup your files but will conduct annual reviews and updates as required by law. Be ahead of the curve and rest easy knowing your files are always compliant.

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How it Works

Once a new potential driver is identified, just let us know. Depending on your compliance package, you’ll either send us the file or we’ll take over from there. Once completed, we conduct all required employment verifications, clearinghouse checks, drug testing, and background checks – flagging any issues for your review. That’s it.

Before items expire, we provide weekly alerts 30 days in advance. Either your staff or the individual drivers can send in the updated items and then we’ll do the rest.

Driver Qualification File Checklist

As part of our commitment to help companies be successful, we’ve provide a free DQ file checklist.
DQ File Checklist