Limo Logs is the first logging system designed exclusively with the limo industry in mind.

Limo Logs has the ability to track all of your vehicles not just those that are DOT regulated, so when your drivers go from sedan to bus they can simply select their new vehicle. Limo Logs automatically prevents the driver from selecting a status that doesn’t pertain to that vehicle, whether it’s sleeper berth or driving.

Limo Logs also has the ability to track all of your maintenance schedules so that you always know when it is time for service.

Limo Logs was designed for the drivers. We keep it simple so that you don’t have to re-teach drivers how to use it after every update.

Limo Logs has built in safety checks that virtually eliminate form and manner violations.

No more awkward back-end portal to try and figure out how many hours your drivers have available, or when they are running out of hours for the day. You get emails that let you know!

DVIR’s turn into work orders for your mechanics and fleet managers so that you know exactly what vehicles need service and repairs. A list of work orders is also sent directly to your inbox so that you know there are items to repair. Simply have a tablet available for your mechanic to sign off on work orders and type in what they did, and Limo Logs creates flawless maintenance records for your entire fleet.

To see how simple Limo Logs is to use please see our user guides HERE.


Body Damage Happens

LBC researches and negotiates supplier rates, reviews invoices, files warranty claims, insurance claims and manages parts ordering and inventory levels.

LBC provides the company with a monthly analysis of vehicle utilization, cost-per-mile, cost-per-vehicle and a breakdown of cost categories for your P&L. This analysis includes advice on vehicle repair/replacement.

Fleet Records

Maintaining fleet records normally requires a series of folders that receipts and driver write ups get placed in.

This can lead to a stack of disorganized papers where often times finding a needed receipt can take hours of searching. Not anymore!

With our new integrated fleet records portal your digital DVIR’s are converted into mechanic work orders that you can sign as fixed using your preloaded shop inventory, or selecting a vendors shop from the drop down menu.

You can add costs for the repairs, and even attach digital copies of any receipts and invoices so you know you always have what you need at your fingertips.

If you want to know how much you have spent on vehicle repairs you can sort by asset number and or outside shop to determine how much each vehicle is costing you in maintenance, or how much you are spending at a shop to help you negotiate better labor rates.