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ELD Transition Guide for LimoLogs Users

What is an ELD?

An electronic logging device, a blackbox that plugs into the vehicle engine connection and transmits data for automated logging and for verification of records of duty status.

What is Different?

If you are driving a vehicle equipped with an ELD there are several differences:

  1. Upon logging in you may see a screen with unassigned driving times:  If these were assigned to you, click accept if you drove the vehicle during this time, if not, click decline.
  1. If the vehicle has been driven without a driver logged in you will receive a notification of driving events, asking if any belong to you.  If they do, check the boxes and hit next, if not, just hit next.
  1. Start and end odometer will automatically populate on your inspection sheet
  2. Only go On-Duty, the vehicle will update your status to driving when the speed exceeds 5 MPH
  1. Once in driving status, they keyboard will lock preventing you from making changes to duty status. 
  2. Upon stopping, wait a few moments and the keyboard will unlock – this can take up to two minutes depending upon your cellular reception
  3. If you do not change your status to On-Duty, 5 minutes after you stop you will receive a prompt asking if you are still driving.  If you choose no, or do not respond within one minute, the vehicle will change your status to On-Duty.
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