The best vehicle GPS system is the one that provides you with the service that you demand.  

With today’s technology getting better, there really are not that many differences in vehicle GPS providers.  There are basics that you should demand such as having a mobile app, being able to see vehicle history for at least a month, breadcrumb trails, and geo fences but aside from that what sets a company apart?  It’s the service that they provide to you when something goes wrong. If you provide a service or a product to your customers you know that things don’t go right 100% of the time. Sometime you just need to get ahold of someone to figure out how things work.  Also things are going to break and software is going to have bugs. When this happens are you going to be able to get ahold of someone? Do you know who will be answering the phone? Can you reach the owner on the weekends? These are what sets a company apart, and this is how you should be making your decision when it comes to products that your business relies on.  

Limo & Bus Compliance provides that service, and with LBC-GPS you can know for certain that our service first model is not going to change.  We hope that you never have an issue but if you need to get a hold of us, you know we will be there.